About Us

Aakanksha Singh

Graduated from NIIFT, Mohali in 2009, Aakanksha further went on to pursue her Masters in Fashion & Textile from Pearl Academy, New Delhi in 2012. She started her professional career working with Luxury brand Giovani along-with multiple brands like Zara, STR, Riverisland, Mango and so on.

Her creative pursuit led her to work with India’s most acknowledged high fashion label – Pankaj & Nidhi as a Senior Couture wear Designer for over 3.5 years. Her ability to see unique perspective in design and with the tremendous support & encouragement of this duo designer, she started her own label “BREATHE by Aakanksha Singh” in 2016.

She looks to cater the worldwide audience by acknowledging the importance of freedom of thoughts, by carving something that has a voice and finds its right match. Everyone has their own definition of their best & she looks to provide them with their unique best, to expresses loud enough to crown their own true, Authentic inner self.

She sees the world from a perspective of “true-to-self”, an authentic artist who struggles & urges to be acknowledged for the fine art they re-create and contribute in the world. She believes fashion is not just a silhouette that one wears, it is what your soul wants to express & experience.


What we believe in… 

We live by our values, workspace is no different in that respect. We give our workers, craftsmen, artisans free hand to express their best in their best manner in terms of their skills, calibre, capacities. Our built naturally is to respond to the heart’s calling that is- to be recognised, be acknowledged.


“The deepest desire of Human Heart is to be acknowledged”

Human heart calls for acknowledgement. What we offer. That is our message. We acknowledge human heart, we hear the calling. We accept, embrace, you as you are.  We look to bringing back the whole  idea of effortless spontaneity, natural flow of things in their utter rawness within us before being processed into something just beautiful to the eye. Her ewe create an appeal to your very essence, your soul.


We just dont create clothes, we create souls.